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always working...

Artists never stop working, we are constantly looking for new ideas or different ways of seeing.

I love the new technology, it's so freeing and when combined with good old-fashioned symmetry there's nothing like it.


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Virginia Peacock Jewelry began in 2016 as a way work with my hands again after so many years on the computer.

Since then my designs have blossomed into a small business with trunk shows along the east coast and participation in a variety of marketing venues including the Javits Center in Manhattan and of course, our very own Magic Shop here in Oldwick, NJ. 

I can only work with beautiful materials - as I am my Mother's daughter - including pearls, vintage german and japanese beads, jade, silver, and vermeil gold. And I'm considering working with copper - the notion of furiously pounding out jewelry really appeals to me.

 If you see something of interest, please contact me as I’ve been known to do special orders when there's time.

(click here for photos): https://www.instagram.com/virginiapeacockdesigns/ 

908-391-9723/cell     vpwins@gmail.com