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always working...

Artists never stop working; always looking for new ideas, new materials and new connections. As a ‘colorist’ my eye is constantly seeking out new color combinations and hues which is reflected in my work.

Love what I do, hope it shows.

Artisan-Made Jewelry

Originally an exhibiting artist in NYC with large oil paintings I found myself working at The National Academy of Design where I met many of America's top artists including Alex Katz, Wolf Kahn, and Julian Schnabel.

It was during that time that I realized how much work is involved in creating an artwork and beyond a sprinkle of 'magic' here and there, it all comes down to the discipline of creating something beautiful.

In 2016 I began designing jewelry and have discovered how much I enjoy working with women on their jewelry selections. It pleases me to know that I will be with them for that ‘special event’ or just plain knocking around the house in a new statement piece 'because they can'.

Love what I'm doing. Hope it shows.