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always working...

Artists never stop working; we are constantly looking for new ideas, new materials and new connections.

The 2019 collection will feature gorgeous antique cameos set in copper, and soothing amethyst gems w/baroque pearls… Sounds good to me!

Originally I was an exhibiting artist in NYC with my wonderful large and unwieldy oil paintings that required trucks and personnel to exhibit and relocate. From there I found myself working at National Academy of Design in Manhattan were I met many of America’s top artists including Alex Katz, Wolf Kahn, and Julian Schnabel.

It was during that time that I realized how much work is involved in creating art and aside from a sprinkle of magic here and there, it all comes down to the discipline of creating something beautiful.

From there I worked in publishing when printed magazines were inche(s) thick and elegance permeated the inner workings of media. During that time I mastered digital design and WOW! what an eye-opening experience - making us all masters of our own universe(s).

In 2016 I began to design jewelry as a way work with my hands again after so many years on the computer. I love it because the process allows me to create something beautiful with my own hands and then simply put it down while moving onto the next piece.

My jewelry designs have blossomed into a small business with trunk shows along the east coast and participation in a variety of marketing venues including the Javits Center in New York and trunk shows in Long Island, Manhattan, Harrisburg, and of course, our very own Magic Shop here in Oldwick, NJ. 

I can only work with beautiful materials as I am my Mother's daughter: pearls, vintage beads, jade, turquoise and gems. Moving forward I'll be working in copper - the notion of furiously pounding out jewelry somehow appeals to me.

And let’s not forget my decoupage trays which I also enjoy making - I only wish the painting reproductions were by my own hand.

Last but not least, a tip to those artists and media professionals I’ve met along the way, it’s these connections layered upon my own genetic code that I value most.


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